Describe in detail the growth of the tree in the first stanza.

In the first stanza of the poem, the poet describes the growth of the tree and the role of the earth in its growth. The tree matures slowly, consuming the resources of the earth. It spreads its roots into the earth and the earth gives it support. The roots hold together the particles of clay and help the soil to resist erosion. The tree draws out its nourishment from the earth by feeding upon its ‘crust’. The word ‘crust’ is associated with the word ‘bread’ which feeds and nourishes a man. Likewise, the earth allows the tree to feed upon its crust and take nourishment from sunlight, air and water. The tree thus grows up to be strong and steady, spreading its branches and leaves. As it takes years to flourish, it cannot be simply killed within a short span of time, with a single stroke of the knife.

How does the tree heal itself?

The tree which is hacked and chopped by man heals its ‘bleeding bark’ naturally. It results in the rise of the curled green twigs from close to the ground. Feeding on the nourishment provided by Mother Earth it gradually grows into miniature boughs. If unchecked and aided by sunlight, water and air, it again expands to its former size. Thus, on one level the poet expresses man’s perception of a tree as an ever-growing menace which needs to be destroyed. However, it also reflects the role of a tree as a symbol of life and regeneration in the environment which is destroyed brutally by the man himself.

What does the killing of a tree symbolise?

Why does it take “much time to kill a tree”? How is the tree finally killed?

“It takes much time to kill a tree, “—Why doe it take much time to kill a tree? According to the poet, how is the tree finally killed?

How does a tree offer resistance to its destruction? How does its resistance fail?

The poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ describes man’s cruelty and violence to nature. Discuss.

How does the poet criticise the action of human beings in the poem?

How does the poet evoke lyricism in nature’s resilience in the first two stanzas?

is the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ a study of ‘environment and tree”?

How has the tree been given human attributes in the poem?

Gieve Patel brings out the eternal relationship of a tree with the earth in a poetic way Discuss.

What is an image? Comment on the use of imagery in the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’.

What do you think is the purpose of the poet in the poem? Is it fulfilled?

‘On Killing a Tree’ Is this poem a commentary on major environmental issues?

How is the life-force of the tree described in the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’?

How does Gieve Patel present contradictory images of life and death in the poem?

The poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ seems to be a protest. Who does the poem protest against and why?

“Modern man, out of his indiscriminate greed and selfishness uproot nature and its very soul.”-Evaluate this statement with reference to the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’.

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