“Why it is not quite easy to kill a tree?

“On Killing a Tree’ depicts the process of destroying a tree. Gieve Patel declares that the process of killing a tree is a long one. A simple jab of the knife or hacking and chopping are not enough to kill a tree. It requires a lot of effort. The tree withstands all the blows brought upon it by human beings. Withstanding all the torture and pain, the tree heals itself and green twigs appear again. Therefore to destroy the tree completely, one needs to uproot it from the earth which acts like an anchor for the tree providing it essential nutrients. The final role is of the sun and air which will then turn the uprooted tree brown, hard, twisted and withered.

How does a tree grow? What are the different stages to kill it?

The growth of a tree is like the growth of a human being. A tree grows up over the years slowly consuming the earth and absorbing essential nutrients from it. It matures absorbing innumerable years of sunlight, air and water.

In this poem Gieve Patel sarcastically describes the different stages of killing a tree. A simple jab of the knife or hacking and chopping are not enough to destroy a tree. Hacking and chopping will only harm the bark of a tree. The injured bark will heal itself and small green leaves will appear again. Therefore the tree needs to be uprooted mercilessly from the soil which provides essential nutrients to it. This process will expose the root of the tree. Then in the Final stage the sun and air will take their toll on the fallen tree and the uprooted tree will become brown, stiff, twisted and withered.

Describe in detail the growth of the tree in the first stanza.

How does the tree heal itself?

What does the killing of a tree symbolise?

Why does it take “much time to kill a tree”? How is the tree finally killed?

“It takes much time to kill a tree, “—Why doe it take much time to kill a tree? According to the poet, how is the tree finally killed?

How does a tree offer resistance to its destruction? How does its resistance fail?

The poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ describes man’s cruelty and violence to nature. Discuss.

How does the poet criticise the action of human beings in the poem?

How does the poet evoke lyricism in nature’s resilience in the first two stanzas?

is the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ a study of ‘environment and tree”?

How has the tree been given human attributes in the poem?

Gieve Patel brings out the eternal relationship of a tree with the earth in a poetic way Discuss.

What is an image? Comment on the use of imagery in the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’.

What do you think is the purpose of the poet in the poem? Is it fulfilled?

‘On Killing a Tree’ Is this poem a commentary on major environmental issues?

How is the life-force of the tree described in the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’?

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