Currently, our young society is being destroyed by drug addiction, so our students need to write essays on drug free Bangladesh, healthy life, healthy country in various competitive exams. For this I have tried to write drug free Bangladesh healthy life healthy country essay properly. For those of you who want to participate in the competition Drug Free Bangladesh Healthy Life Healthy Country – Essay.

Dear student friends, to save yourself from drug addiction, you need to know about drugs properly. And if you know it correctly, it is possible to build a drug-free Bangladesh with a healthy life and a healthy country. Below for you drug free Bangladesh healthy life healthy country – Essay is written in detail –

Drug Free Bangladesh Healthy Life Healthy Country – Essay 


To build a country in a healthy way, a healthy environment is needed and the continuity of this environment can be maintained by the young society of that country because the youth are the builders of the country, nation and society. Young society is the leader of the future. Youth are the main driving force to move the country and nation forward. Since ancient times, the youth have played a leading role in moving the country and the nation forward and will continue to do so in the future.

But this young society of ours is getting involved with the terrible addiction called drugs in various ways due to which the driving force of the country is slowly being lost. Just as the wealth and economy of a country is damaged through smuggling, when the youth of that country is misguided and addicted, the development of that country is hindered and the backbone of the country is broken.

What is narcotics?

Narcotic drugs are defined as those substances which, when consumed or taken, cause mental and physical changes in people and have harmful effects on people. That is, the substances which, when taken or applied, reduce its existence in the human body, are called drugs. There are different types of drugs in Bangladesh, among them are alcohol, ganja, opium, Bhan etc. Also, modern generation drugs are –

Yaba, Heroin, Phencidyl, Cocaine, Morphine, Marijuana, Pathidine, LHD, Smack, Hashish, Poppy, Cannabis, etc. Also, according to the World Health Organization, nicotine-containing tobacco products include cigars, cigars, cigarettes, snuff, etc.

What is a drug addict?

Drug addict means addicted or dependent on drugs. When a person becomes intoxicated and regularly consumes substances that cause intoxication by consuming or using them, he is called a drug addict. However, according to the World Health Organization, “Drug addiction is a physical or mental process that occurs only in living human beings” meaning that drug addiction is a harmful physical and mental reaction of humans.

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And this drug addiction is an addiction from which people cannot get out easily and its result is premature death. Drug addiction is so terrible that people cannot get out of it if they want to. Day by day people move towards destruction, use of addictive substances and moral and mental degradation of people, resulting in loss of society.

Types of drugs

There are different types of drugs all over the world including Bangladesh. But these drugs are mainly divided into two categories. For example –

Natural and



Drugs that are produced naturally are called natural drugs. However, these natural drugs are usually produced from different types of plants such as – ganja, tadi, opium, bhan, charas etc.


Drugs that are produced through chemical reactions in various laboratories are called chemical drugs. Chemical drugs are more harmful to health than natural drugs and these drugs are more addictive. Chemical drugs include – heroin, yaba, morphine, cocaine, various alcohol stimulants including pathidine, sura etc. Also, according to the World Health Organization, various products containing nicotine are termed as narcotic drugs, such as narcotics, cigarettes, snuff, cigars, etc

Source of drugs

Drugs are spread all over the world, including Bangladesh, because drugs are produced in different countries of the world and profit-seeking unscrupulous business circles are involved. Those who smuggle, distribute and process the country’s main areas are known as the Golden Triangle. Golden Crescent and Golden Wedge. The Golden Triangle encompasses the blouse of Myanmar and the perimeter of Burma. The Golden Crescent spans Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Türkiye.

However, the Golden Crescent is mostly grown in Pakistan and the Golden Wedge along the border between Nepal and India. Large quantities of ganja, heroin, opium, cocaine, etc. are produced on the border between Nepal and India. And a large network of drug production has developed in Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia. And these drug networks have spread in developing countries like Bangladesh.

Causes of drug addiction

There are various reasons why a person becomes addicted to drugs but the main reasons are –

  • Family turmoil
  • unemployment
  • Lack of moral education
  • Persuasion of drug dealers
  • Desperation and the persuasion of friendship
  • Blind imitation of western life
  •  failure in love
  • Political and social conditions
  • Availability of drugs
  • Inconvenient
  • Uncertainty of law and order and administration
  • Desperation and persuasion from friends
  • Persuasion of drug dealers
  • Social and unconscious
  • Lack of awareness about the evils of drugs
  • Special political and social conditions of the country
  • Political unrest
  • Blind imitation of western life
  • standard deviation
  • Availability of drugs
  • failure in love
  • Unethical activities
  • Kindness and curiosity.

Origin of drugs

Drugs are produced in many countries of the world including Bangladesh. And opium is the oldest drug in narcotics. Farmers make opium from the extract of the poppy flower, and from this extract the morphine base is made, and from this opium the deadly heroin is made. Marijuana is produced in the United States, Morocco, Pakistan, Colombia, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Brazil, Guatemala, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, etc. And hashish is produced in Jamaica, Morocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Jordan, India.

Drug smuggling

There are many personal relationships involved in drug smuggling and there are also many commercial aspects to India and Pakistan and they are smuggled from these countries and these drugs to Western Europe. The countries that are trafficked are – Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain and Sri Lanka are used as hubs for smuggling. However, due to Bangladesh being the transit point of smuggling, Bangladesh is also used as a smuggling business.

Harmful aspects of drug use

Currently, drug addiction has become so dangerous all over the world that according to experts, this drug addiction has become more dangerous than earthquakes, torrential rains and war. He went on to say that the harm caused by drug consumption is –

physical harm

When a person becomes addicted to drugs, the most symptoms appear in his body because due to drug addiction, people slowly sink to the lap of death and the physical damages caused to people due to drug addiction are –

  • Facial swelling, disfigurement.
  • Soreness all over the body, including the face.
  • Liver wasting and enlargement.
  • Redness of the face.
  • Destruction of memory cells.
  • Lung and oral cavity cancer.
  • Sudden startle.
  • Malnourished.
  • Digestive power decreases and aversion to food occurs.
  • Prolonged exposure to influenza.
  • Infectious diseases increase.
  • Sexual and skin diseases increase.
  • The child in the wife’s womb is disabled or affected by various diseases.
  • Infectious diseases increase.
  • There are many chest problems including bronchitis.
  • Nasal membrane swells.
  • Suddenly see less in the eyes.
  • Youthful energy diminishes.
  • Memory decreases.
  • Chest and lungs are destroyed.
  • Drug consumption causes 25 other diseases.
  • Damage to the feet for the feet.
  • Drug addiction kills 1 person every second in the world.
  • 13 cigarettes increase the risk of death by seven times.
  • 20 cigarettes increase the risk of lung cancer by 20 times.
  • According to the United Nations organization, smoking kills a person in six and a half seconds.

mental damage

The psychological damage caused to a person due to drug addiction is-

  • The mood becomes irritable
  • Aversion to food occurs
  • Laziness increases
  • Love for family members decreases
  • Talks incoherently
  • insomnia
  • to be delusional
  • Wet book
  • dizziness
  • Being indifferent to everything
  • Losing emotional balance and expressing depression and anxiety.

economic loss

When a person is addicted to drugs, the most affected is financially. People are constantly wasting crores of rupees on this drug. People of different professions are involved with drugs, from high class to low class and even street children are involved in this drug consumption. According to the World Bank, people around the world are losing 200 million dollars by using tobacco, and according to the International or World Health Organization, if the money that people currently spend on cigarettes were spent on health, then all the health needs of people would be met. And only if we can save from this damage, it is possible to have a drug-free Bangladesh, a healthy life, a healthy country.

Drug use in Bangladesh

In the context of the present time, the trend of taking drugs among young women in Bangladesh has increased at a large rate. Nowadays, along with men, women are also advancing through a lot of competition in taking drugs. According to a United Nations report on the situation of drug use in Bangladesh, about 6.8 million people are drug addicts in Bangladesh, 84 percent of whom are men and 16 percent of women.

Again, a study of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in 2013 said that about 2.5 million people are addicted to drugs in Bangladesh. Again in 2017, the Drug Control Department said that 88.39 percent of Bangladeshi drug addicts include people aged 16 to 40 years. But those girls in Bangladesh who have very wealthy parents take more drugs. Also Bangladesh women, men, children and teenagers are involved in drug trade due to which the rate of drugs in Bangladesh has increased.

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About 350,000 youth and population in Bangladesh are variously associated with drugs. In addition, another data says that 90 percent of the 7.5 million drug addicts in Bangladesh are young women. Among them, 45 percent are unemployed and 65 percent are undergraduates and 15 percent are highly educated people. Another report states that on an average, drug addicts spend at least Tk 20 crores per day and accordingly spend Tk 6 crores per month.

And more than 10 thousand crores per cent of this money is smuggled abroad, of which Yaba is the most spread in Bangladesh and its number stands at 85 percent. And most of those who consume yaba are suffering from various complex diseases including kidney, liver, brain and various complex diseases and the main reason for this is drugs. Drugs like Yaba are being manufactured with adulterated ingredients causing more and more people to suffer from other serious diseases.

And various types of criminal tendencies are spreading in the society. 80 percent of the murders in Bangladesh are committed by drug addicts. On August 25, 2013, Inspector Mahfuzur Rahman and his wife Sapna Rahman of the special branch of the police were killed by their daughter Oishi alone and this murder took place due to drug consumption. There are thousands of such saints in our society who have lost their mental balance, lost their human side to take drugs.

Relationship of addiction with age

Out of 100 people related to addiction in Bangladesh, the rate of elderly and children is 37% and the percentage of adolescents and young people is 63%. And 18-18-year-old drug addicts account for 3.33 percent and 12-17-year-olds, who are called teenagers, account for 1.5 percent. People who use drugs die or reach addiction much earlier than people who lead normal lives. But nowadays most drug addicts are seen among the young society.

Drug free Bangladesh healthy life healthy country

If Bangladesh is to be drug free and build a healthy life in a healthy country then public awareness needs to be increased. Also the law must be enforced. The Narcotics Act was established in Bangladesh in 1990 and since the establishment of this Act, the administration has been working to control narcotics. And if we want to keep our country and youth society free from these drug addicts and build a drug-free Bangladesh, a healthy life and a healthy country, then the steps that need to be taken are –

  • Public awareness should be increased.
  • Alternative work opportunities should be created for the very poor involved in drug trafficking in the border areas.
  • Drug addicts should be brought under the safety net.
  • International communication should be increased to prevent drug trafficking.
  • Participation of all community leaders including government, private, educational institutions and even NGOs should be ensured.
  • Central Chemical Laboratory should be modernized.
  • Anti-drug awareness should be increased through social media.
  • A separate court should be formed for speedy disposal of drug cases.
  • Ration allowance should be arranged for the officers and employees at the field level of the Directorate.
  • Various competitions should be organized in schools and colleges.
  • Sports opportunities should be created for children and adolescents.
  • Divisional cities and city corporations should develop striking courses to strengthen enforcement in the Directorate.
  • Every government hospital should provide treatment for drug addicts.

The role of the family in drug addiction treatment

The role of the family in drug addiction treatment is most important because the parents have to monitor every aspect of who a child associates with, where he goes, how he lives, how much money he spends, and where he gets his money from. The family needs to monitor whether their child is depressed or where they are playing. A child can recover from drugs by spending time building a friendly relationship with the child. In this way, it is possible to build a drug-free Bangladesh with a healthy life and a healthy country.

Drug Addiction Prevention Thought

In order to build a drug-free Bangladesh, healthy life and a healthy country, the youth must be rescued or protected from the dangers of drugs that have spread around the world, including Bangladesh. Anti-drug public opinion should be created. Social Media is also the most popular medium now through Bangladesh Radio, Bangladesh Television, Newspaper etc.

Duties of leaders in society

Another reason for drug addiction is political instability, in this case the leaders of the society should play a leading role to prevent the use of drugs. If the leaders play the maximum role in stopping the use of drugs in the society, it is possible to build a drug-free Bangladesh with a healthy life and a healthy country.

Duties of international organizations

International organizations should come forward to prevent drug trafficking and drug use. In particular, the foreign ministries of all countries should work together to build a drug-free healthy life and a healthy country. Only then will Bangladesh be drug free, healthy life, healthy country.


Due to drug addiction, there is not only unrest in one part of the society, this apocalyptic addiction leads the entire country to destruction. So we have to protect our country from this deadly addiction. The youth are the future of the country, they are the leaders of the nation, if the youth cannot be protected then the future generation is dark. To save our country and society from the hands of drug addicts, people from all walks of life must come together and build social resistance. Only then will it be possible to build a drug-free Bangladesh with a healthy life and a healthy country.

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