Most of the time our students have to write dowry customs – paragraphs as anti social movement so I tried to write dowry customs – paragraphs properly. My post is for those of you who want to write dowry customs – paragraph in exam.

Dowry system is a curse for the society and to get rid of this curse the society needs to be aware. Below is the dowry customs for you – paragraph is duly written – 

Custom of Dowry –  Paragraph (For all class)

 Dowry is a social evil and curse

Although the word dowry is made up of three words, it means great fear. And it is difficult to find a person in today’s society who is not familiar with this dowry system. Everyone is more or less involved in this dowry system. Dowry is the process of transfer of property of parents at the time of daughter’s marriage. Again, it is said that dowry is money or valuables given to the groom’s father by the guardian at the time of girl’s marriage and this money is collected from the poor groom’s family under pressure.

There are many ways to beg in Bangladesh

The boy’s father begs the girl’s father

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Dowry is the process by which a married father transfers wealth to the bridegroom’s father to get his daughter married. However, Hindu law mentions dowry as a source of women’s property because women in Hindu society did not inherit their parents’ property like men. So they were given some dowry at the time of marriage and this dowry has gradually become a custom of dowry. A girl is tortured and even killed by her husband and his relatives for dowry. Such events are also rare in our society. So the poet says –

I will marry my son

If I get dowry

If the girl’s father agrees

No more problems

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Although it is not known exactly when dowry became prevalent in society, the Dowry Prohibition Act has been in force in Bangladesh since 2018. But here it is said with dowry “Dowry is money, goods or any other property demanded by one party from another party as a precondition for establishing marital relationship”. However, in order to get the help of Dowry Prevention Act, the marriage relationship must be subsisting. However, if the guests at the wedding ceremony give any gifts of their own permanent or daughter’s father of his own will, it will not be considered as dowry.

Dowry is no joke

sad sound

Dowry means sorrow

Women’s tears are sad

last word

Dowry is a social disease and social movement should be developed to get rid of this dowry system. If the social movement cannot be strengthened then no law of the country can stop this torture in the name of dowry. Poor father’s cries will not stop. Because of dowry there are many fathers who think, it would be better if my daughter did not have children! But our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW said, – He who has a daughter has a paradise. But this was not said about any son. So let’s do away with dowry and love the girl child.

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