The poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ describes man’s cruelty and violence to nature. Discuss.

A tree is man’s greatest friend as it helps the latter to sustain, primarily by providing food and oxygen. But man treats it like a foe and kills it ruthlessly to meet their selfish interests. Man does not realise that by killing trees they cause harm to themselves in the long run as it destroys the ecological balance. The poet builds up the irony by presenting the act of cutting down a tree in the form of an explicit account of killing the same. The mindless act of deforestation is no less than a heinous crime, committed by the greedy, and inconsiderate section of mankind. That is why the poet in this poem has made the tree itself receive punishment in the hands of its murderers. This is the irony behind the meticulous act of killing a tree as depicted in the poem.

How does the poet criticise the action of human beings in the poem?

In the poem, ‘On Killing a Tree’ the poet apparently does not seem to criticise the action of human beings. He rather gives instructions on how to kill a tree which is indeed a difficult task. The tree, having grown in size and strength over the years absorbing nutrition from the earth, refuses to die that easily. Therefore, to kill a tree, it needs to be uprooted first and then left in the open to starve to death. But in these very directions for killing a tree lies the severe, indirect criticism hinted at human beings for their mindless, ruthless and perverse nature which is evident in the act of cutting down a tree. The poet’s criticism of the action of human beings which has resulted in widespread deforestation is subtle but very effective in the poem. Through the skilful use of irony of encouraging the destroyers to be more severe and relentless in their evil act, the poet actually lashes out at them in utmost disgust.

How does the poet evoke lyricism in nature’s resilience in the first two stanzas?

is the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ a study of ‘environment and tree”?

How has the tree been given human attributes in the poem?

Gieve Patel brings out the eternal relationship of a tree with the earth in a poetic way Discuss.

What is an image? Comment on the use of imagery in the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’.

What do you think is the purpose of the poet in the poem? Is it fulfilled?

‘On Killing a Tree’ Is this poem a commentary on major environmental issues?

How is the life-force of the tree described in the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’?

How does Gieve Patel present contradictory images of life and death in the poem?

The poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ seems to be a protest. Who does the poem protest against and why?

“Modern man, out of his indiscriminate greed and selfishness uproot nature and its very soul.”-Evaluate this statement with reference to the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’.

Give the substance of the poem ‘Asleep in the Valley’.

Justify the title of the poem “Asleep in the Valley.”

Write the theme of the poem Asleep in the Valley’.

“.they fill the hollow full of light.”- What is the ‘hollow’ referred to in the line? How does the hollow look? Who is lying in the hollow? How is he lying there?

“A soldier, very young, lies open-mouthed,”—Where was the soldier found lying and how? How does the poet describe the soldier’s face? Why, according to you, was he lying open-mouthed?

“His feet among the flowers, he sleeps.”—Where does this line occur? Who is the person referred to here? Where is the person sleeping? Describe the nature of his sleep.

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